There are many questions open at the beginning of a process. How do I optimally connect two materials with each other? What adhesive do I use? How do I apply it correctly and how do I implement the solution in my work process?

We have the answers to these questions. Everything from one source.

Product know-how

We have been developing and producing adhesives for over 40 years. Benefit from our many years of know-how: with products, solutions and services that optimise the entire bonding process, increase productivity and lower consumption.

Different adhesives have different properties. We have the right adhesive for your application.

Application know-how

The know-how of our adhesive experts goes beyond the product. We have specific expertise in all kinds of sectors and for all kinds of applications. Our knowledge extends throughout the entire bonding process.

Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, we are also in the position to optimise your bonding application.