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ALFA Klebstoffe AG was established in 1972 by Emil Simmler. He developed and distributed environmentally-friendly adhesives and contributed to water-based adhesives being able to capture market volume worldwide. From the start, the visionary company founder oriented the company to progress and to this day his know-how shapes the further development of our products.


ALFA Klebstoffe AG is an innovation-oriented Swiss family company where today over 50 employees work at the location in Rafz. Production occurs both in Switzerland as well as in New Jersey and our products are exported to over 90 countries.


ALFA Klebstoffe AG is one of the market leaders in developing, producing and distributing environmentally-friendly, water-based adhesives. Above all in the foamed plastic processing industry, the SIMALFA® series is regarded as the international standard and a top-quality product. Apart from dispersion adhesives, we also distribute hot melts, which are used in all kinds of industries, such as the packaging industry.

Our goal is to create important benefits for our customers in terms of the economic and ecological configuration of bonding processes. Our action in this respect is focused on three subject areas.

Focus 1 Know-how
Our knowledge of water-based adhesives goes beyond our own product range. We offer our customers complete solutions, which optimise the entire bonding process. We provide them with sustainable and continuous support in improving their work processes in this regard. It is important to us that our customers profit from our know-how and can apply it in their day-to-day work.

Focus 2 Innovation
Our products are attuned to the needs of our customers. We cooperate closely with them and have their wishes integrated in our innovations. As a result, we are close to the market and are regarded as a pioneer when it comes to the further development of water-based adhesives. Day for day we are devoted to extending our technological lead further in order to be able to meet the wishes of our customers even more accurately.

Focus 3 Environmental protection
We produce our adhesives completely solvent-free. As a result, we make an active contribution to environmental protection. Our goal is to minimise the consumption of solvents, to create a sustainable improvement in our customers’ workplaces and establish safe and healthy work environments.
We are aware that it will still take a long time before adhesives containing solvents have disappeared worldwide from production halls. As a market leader and pioneer, we believe we are capable of taking up this challenge and the associated responsibility, to shorten this period. We do all we can for this every day.


As a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, solvent-free adhesives, we also intend to set standards in the future and provide our customers with direct added value. Our effort to minimise the worldwide emission of solvents, develop new markets and support customers on the spot with our products and know-how is the driving force behind what we do.

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