Product launch: ALFAST® 9005

Thanks to products of first-class technical quality, we can set ourselves apart from our competitors. With the biodegradable ALFAST® 9005 (according to DIN EN 13432), we are adding a further adhesive to our product portfolio, which fulfills the requirements for the highest quality and reliability, as well as our focus on innovation, efficiency and ecology.

Developed for the industrial production of biodegradable cotton swabs, ALFAST® 9005 covers all requirements for an optimal and efficient bonding process. And with the addition of Hardener 7, ALFAST® 9005 unfolds its full bonding potential. Excellent results are easily achieved, even on difficult materials such as plastics or leather

The adhesive can be applied automatically with a roller or manually with a spatula or brush. This qualifies ALFAST® 9005 for the industrial production as well as for smaller batches produced hand. After drying, the adhesive becomes transparent.

Technical Information