Project Description

ALFAST® 259 is specifically suited for use as a fast-acting and adhesive binder for challenging papers (good bonding effect). This adhesive is fast-setting and has good machine use properties.
ALFAST® 259 is suitable for gluing paper, cardboard, aluminium foil, PVC, pre-treated PE, OPP and paints and varnishes.


  • Suitable for adhesive binders
  • Transparent
  • Dull

Food safety regulations

The composition of ALFAST® 259 complies with the food safety regulations set out in BfR Recommendation XIV.
ALFAST® 259 complies with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Paragraphs 175.105,176.170 and 176.180 in Section 21 of the US CFR (Code of Federal Regulation).
Additional information on request.

Areas of use


Adhesive application

Segmented roller

Technical data sheets for ALFAST® 259

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