COVID-19: Service update 3

We are fully operational and set up additional communication and support channels for our customers.

2020-04-22T17:22:28+02:0022. April 2020|

COVID-19: Service update 2

In the current difficult situation, we remain flexible to support you with all your questions about adhesives, concerns and orders.

2020-03-25T18:11:58+01:0025. March 2020|

Product launch: ALFASEAL® 170

New heat-activated sealant

Use ALFASEAL® 170 as a sealant with heat activation and seal in a sterilization-resistant way.
2019-09-10T13:35:57+02:0010. September 2019|

Product launch: ALFAST® 9005

A new biodegradable dispersion adhesive

With the biodegradable ALFAST® 9005 (according to DIN EN 13432), we are adding a further adhesive to our product portfolio, which fulfills the requirements for the highest quality and reliability.
2022-05-19T13:35:48+02:0029. January 2018|

Renewed Brand Design

Presentation of our renewed brand design

2017 we completely renewed our appearance. Beside the new, intuitive website that went online in spring 2018 we have also refreshed our advertising material.
2019-09-10T12:05:50+02:0022. January 2018|

ALFA D becomes ALFAST®

An own name for our dispersion adhesives

Continuous growth impelled us at the end of 2014 to give our hot-melts a name of their own. We are pleased that we can now also take this step with our dispersion adhesives.
2019-06-21T11:47:27+02:007. April 2016|